Passwords, Passwords, Everywhere are Passwords!

  Have you ever tried to get into one of your affiliate site, forum, membership site, bank account, or email account and couldn't remember your password?  Password, Password; everywhere are passwords.

In this technology world  we have to remember so many passwords, pin numbers, access codes and user names, it's hard to keep track of them all.  So, what do we do; we create one password for all our sites; which is even worse. What to do?

Hi, my name is Klaus Jonietz.  I had the same problems trying to keep all my passwords straight.  I had sheets and scraps of paper in a folder, so I could get my passwords and user names.  Only problem was, usually the password / user name I wanted was always at the bottom of the pile.  And if I started at the bottom ... it was at the top.  I even tried keeping them all in a booklet, but again, it would take time to find what I needed.  There are cloud based password managment systems, but, if your'e like me, I don't want all my passwords "out there." This sound familiar to you?  There must be a better way to Manage all this? Well one day I finally lost my cool and I had it.

So, I created ....... Password Buddy


Password Buddy
personal use stand-alone desktop program

Now You Can Have Your Passwords All In One Secure Place .... On Your Desktop!


Here are some examples of the sort of information that

Password Buddy can manage, search  and protect:

  • Logins and passwords for websites.

  • Access codes to e-mail accounts.

  • Cellular phone PIN codes.

  • Access codes to computer accounts.

  • Passwords to Forums

  • Passwords for files (For example Excel and Word files).

  • Sign-Up Dates.

  • Passwords for Hosting Accounts.

  • Sort and find what you need.

  • No Internet / Website storage.

  • Can go directly to website

  • Setup info

All easily accessible from your desktop!

  YES - Program Password Protected; just remember one password to get into program.
YES - Website Entries
YES - Security Questions & Answers - Keep Track
YES - User Info Setup

  YES - Create Categories

  YES - Add Descriptions  / Remarks

  YES - Professional  Auto Installation.

You'll need 97.27 mb of space.

 for PC only - sorry MAC

works on all windows operating systems **

  YES - Login All Your Passwords

      and Remember Only One Password To Get Into Program


Simplify Your Life

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My Password Buddy

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"Great little program for the money.  Very professional, easy to use, secure and it works for me."   Tera K. - Highland, NY

"Better than I expected.  Great job Klaus. Do you have any other software programs?:  Ed W. - Newburgh, NY

"Great software.  My only regret is that I wish I had this sooner."  Paul P. - Middletown, NY

"Klaus, I usually don't write testimonials and I gotta admit that I was a little apprehensive purchasing this program.  You see, there are a lot of FREE password managers out there, but most are more than I needed and kinda cumbersome.  Well I was pleasantly surprised when I got your program. Professional auto installation, easy to use and best of all, secure, all on my desktop.  Thanks a million."  Denise D. S. - Chester, NY


What else can I say; you won't be disappointed!


Oh Yeah, I almost forgot; I'm also including a FREE Password Generator!


My Password Buddy

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 Easy Safe Secure




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PPS> ** as of this writing, works on windows 10

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